Build the Next Big Ski Resort
Shipping June, 2024!

2-5 PLAYERS | 60-120 MINUTES | 14+


Alpenglow is finally opening its mountain to skiers and has invited you to build its ski areas.

Compete against your fellow ski resort tycoons and race to build the best ski area by building chairlifts and assigning runs on the mountain while developing the adjacent town to attract skiers. Open your ski area and run your chairlifts to generate revenue in money and Victory Points.

There is a catch though! Only the tycoon with the most successful ski area after 2 seasons (10 turns total) takes over management of the mountain. Find synergies to make the most out of each turn and maximize your resources. The winner is the one with the most victory points from buildings, chairlifts, delivered skiers, and the completion of your goal cards.




Alpenglow is an engine building game that combines several familiar game mechanics to create a fun yet challenging experience. The game has elements of tile laying, card playing, and network building combined in two core areas: the mountain where you build your ski area competitively and the village where you expand the town to attract skiers collaboratively with the other players. The game includes starter tiles that allow for variable setup so that each game is unique!

During each season, players will take turns picking up skiers and taking actions to build your ski area, play run cards, add buildings to the village, build chairlifts, and open your ski area to allow skiers to hit your slopes. Collect money to keep building and Victory Points to inch towards victory.


After the second season, the game ends and all players count up Victory Points earned from chairlifts, buildings and completed goal cards. The winner is the one with the most victory points collected by:

  • Providing skier access to popular (high income) stations and ski runs
  • Expanding the village with various shops, businesses, and services
  • Building out your ski area with chairlifts providing access to stations and ski runs
  • Collecting and completing secret goal cards
  • Opening your ski area to skiers in your lodge





Building ski areas is tough work and you need high quality components to get the job done. Alpenglow comes with over 530 crafted components for rich engaging gameplay. We are partnering with Panda Game Manufacturing (a leader in the business) to print and assemble a game worthy of years of play.

All of the printed components will have linen embossing and full color graphics. Cards are printed on 300gsm bluecore cardstock and the punchboard components are made of 2mm greyboard with matte varnish. The game board is a large 6-fold board with a 2-3 player board on one side and a 4-5 player board on the reverse to match your group size. All of the cubes, buses, lodges, and player trackers are wooden painted components and compliment the hand-painted chairlifts.

Components may change based on the performance of the Kickstarter campaign. More sales volume will allow us to increase quality without increasing the cost of the game.