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Alpenglow: The Ski Resort Board Game

Alpenglow: The Ski Resort Board Game

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Hit the slopes in Alpenglow: a thrilling engine building game for 2 to 5 tycoons. Expand the mountain and craft your ski area as you welcome skiers and snowboarders.

Build your ski resort in the immersive board game, ALPENGLOW. Expand your ski area on the mountain while adding to the village below. A perfect game to dive into for game night after a day on the slopes for ages 14+.

Score points as you construct chairlifts, build shops, and open your ski area to skiers and snowboarders while discovering ski runs along the way.

Learn by playing! Alpenglow features Quick Start guides for up to 4 players that walk you through setup and your first two turns. Learn the rules and pick up strategy without the rulebook.

Aprés Ski Expansion included which makes every game unique by randomizing game setup, adds new village square locations in the village, opens up the backcountry with big one time bonuses, and new resort upgrades to help you get ahead.

Alpenglow is a competitive euro-style engine building board game. Components are printed on high quality recycled paperboard with sustainable ink, a GameTrayz supply tray keeps everything organizes, and the card deck features a vintage air-cushion finish for a premium game playing experience.

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Welcome to Alpenglow

It's time to hit the slopes!

Strap on your skis and test your skills as you build your ski resort and expand the village of Alpenglow. Can you claim victory in only 10 action packed turns?

Quick Start Guides

Learn by playing

Dive in to the game without hours of reading. We walk you through your first two turns and with player aids and the reference sheet, you'll have everything you need at your finger tips.


Aprés Ski Expansion

Every game is a new experience with a full set of terminals, buildings, and new village squares for a randomized setup. Resort upgrades give you asymmetric powers and huts give you bonuses throughout the game.

Made to Last

Premium Components

Alpenglow is made to last with premium linen finishes on all of the components and custom hardwood markers, tokens, Skiples, and chairlifts. Make setup quick with the insert designed by GameTrayz.

  • "Simple mechanics coupled with complex strategy bring a rewarding experience to playing the game but with just enough RNG to give less experienced players options to claim victory."

    - Jason and Adam (Table Top Vibes)

  • "Alpenglow mixes area control with pickup and deliver set in a idyllic winter village. The game plays quite quick after the first time you play. There are a lot of points that build into the rich set of decisions players will make during the game." especially with a nice hot drink and the fire place going on these upcoming winter nights."

    -Bert (Bert's Tabletop Games)

  • "Best part by far is seeing the mountain change through the game, then physically sending skiers up and down the mountain is fulfilling. Watching the board change in any game is super engaging and seeing it start with basically nothing to ending with tons of runs and chairlifts is exciting and gives a sense of accomplishment even if you don't win."

    - Matt Mlinarcik

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